Obituary Templates are for memorial or funeral services. Great for memorializing a person that passed away. When a person dies, close family members or friends arrange a funeral program to represent the family and more importantly, the one that passed away. Obituary Funeral Program Templates are used to present to the guests, the order of service, obituary, and interment along with other information included. Cut cost and save time with these templates – they are designed already, just enter the needed information. Printable Obituary Templates designed with care and professionalism can make a great keepsake for those that are mourning. These Printable Obituary Templates are great for doing just that. They can also be customized for wedding and anniversary events for anyone needing a unique program. WORD & PUBLISHER TEMPLATES Vintage Sky Funeral Program Word Publisher Template Vintage Sky Funeral Program Word Publisher Template is for the funeral, homegoing, or memorial service….    read more