Valentines Gala Flyer and Ticket Templetts are for Valentine fundraising events. perfect for churches and non-profit organizations. This template can be edited online, no program needed. Edit them in your browser on Purchase them on Etsy and Edit them on The Templett application is the very best way to edit printable templates and since Etsy is such a large marketplace of template sellers, you can now purchase your templates on Etsy and edit them with Templett. The Valentine’s templates in this list are TEMPLETT.COM templates designed by Godserv to be edited in your browser on TEMPLETT.COM. No other software is necessary. WHAT YOU CAN EDIT: – Text, Fonts, Text Colors, Layout – Change background – Upload and use your own images HOW THIS WORKS NOTE: There is no template to download from Etsy for this listing.  After a successful purchase of the listing on, you receive an…    read more