Tropica Funeral Program Word Publisher Large Template

Tropica Funeral Program Word Publisher Large Template, Print Size 11’x17”, Bi-fold to 8.5”x11”, is for a creative modern commemorative or going home service. Designed specifically for funerals but can be edited for weddings other events. The funeral program is designed with green and gold, Tropical Florals over a Marble stone background.

47 photos are utilized to showcase your loved one’s personality in this obituary template. More images can be added. The colors of the eulogy booklet can also be edited to make it more personalized.

– Pages: 8
– Print Size: 17”x11”
– Fold Size: 8.5”x11”
– Editable Colors (*except for floral assets)
– CMYK/300 Dpi
– Print Ready
– Application Requirement: Microsoft Word or Publisher 7 and higher

This template is a Microsoft Publisher and Microsoft Word template designed by Godserv to be edited with Microsoft Publisher 7 and higher or Microsoft Word. Once you have downloaded this template, use Microsoft Publisher or Microsoft Word to make edits.

– 4 Printer Spreads – 8.5”x11” Tropica Word Template
– 4 Printer Spreads – 8.5”x11” Tropica Publisher Template

– Links to download fonts are included


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