Church Connect Card Templates

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Church Connect Card Templates

Church Connect Card Templates

Church Connect Card Templates for church social and connection usage. Can be placed in the pews or given to visitors and members to connect or keep informed. Can also be edited and used for other usages.

Choose from this great list of awesome church visitor cards and use them to speed up your production time. These templates are designed with Photoshop, Adobe Indesign, Word, Publisher, or Canva. Choose the version that you are most familiar with.

Heaven Connect Card Template

Square Connect Card Template

Square Connect Card

Blue Square Connect Card Template

Connect Card Template

Blue Connect Card Canva Template

Modern Connect Card Canva Template

Modern Connect Card Canva Template 2

Connect Card Set Canva Template

Church Visitor Welcome Card Template

Church Visitor Registration Card Template

Church Connect Card

Church Welcome Card

Connect Card

Welcome Card

Church Visitors Connect Card Template

Grow With Us Connection Card Template

Shout Connection Card Template

Shout Square Connection Card Template

Seven Messages Church Connection Card Template

Blessed Church Connection Card Template

Flying High Church Connection Card Template

One Call Church Connection Card Template

Core Values Church Connection Card Template

Core Connection Card Template

Final Journey Connection Card Template

Amazing Grace Connection Card Template

Noel Christmas Gala Event Connection Card 

Connection Card

Growing Connection Card

Sheep Connection Card

King Is Born Christmas Connection Card

Church Bulletin & Connect Card Flyer

Remembering Connect Card

Church Connection Card

3×5 Church Connection Card Series

Church Connection Card

Prayer Request Card

Church Welcome Form

Guest Connect Card For Churches

Choose a connection card that matches your church’s id as close as possible. However, if you cannot find one that has your colors, these welcome card templates are fully editable. With a little knowledge of Adobe Photoshop, Word and Publisher, or Canva editing tools, you can have them match your church color scheme or event colors.  Some of the Photoshop templates have pre-made color options so make sure to see all the previews available or check the item description on the marketplace to see if it’s available. This is another way that using a template can save you both time and money.

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